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2024 SPAWN Membership

2024 SPAWN Membership

Become a member!  Valid January 2024 - December 2024

SPAWN is very anxious to increase its membership. In dealing with politicians, it is clearly apparent that numbers are all important. For us to have the immense value of the recreational fishery recognized and to ensure the salmon get adequate protection, we must speak from a position of greater strength. SPAWN depends upon membership to help voice its Atlantic Salmon conservation movement. By becoming a member you can be considered a part of a unique and powerful group of people dedicated to helping the “king” of sport fish. Conservation enables future generations to appreciate such a great sport and as well as nature and all of its benefits, not to forget the revenue the sport fishing industry generates for the economy of Newfoundland & Labrador. Visit our activities page to see membership dollars hard at work.

Newfoundland & Labrador is very lucky to still have a stable population of Atlantic Salmon returning in very good numbers to some 170 licensed Atlantic Salmon rivers. The members of SPAWN have realized that Atlantic Salmon should be protected as the general population of salmon have been in decline in most of its native waters. Comparison of Newfoundland & Labrador Salmon populations to other locations such as Nova Scotia and Maine show this.

As a member of SPAWN you will receive:

» Discounts at merchants for members. This is on-going and a list will be sent to members upon renewal for 2024

» A part of the Atlantic Salmon conservation effort where you can voice your conservation effort.

» Satisfaction that you are doing your part to help out the Salmon!


  • Membership Benefits

    • Arthur James Clothing Company – 15% off storewide. Some stipulations apply.
    • Atlantic Rivers Outfitting Company – 10% off storewide. Some stipulations apply.
    • Good Buddy Sports – 10% off storewide. Some stipulations apply.
    • Marble Inn & Suites – Offer their preferred rate when you show your SPAWN card.
    • Marblewood Village Resort – 15% discount on rooms from June 1st till Oct 7th, pending availability. Not applicable with other offers.
    • Outdoor Pros – 10% off Storewide. Some exceptions apply.
    • Twin Peaks Motor Sports – Tax included on all fishing supplies. Some stipulations apply.
GST/HST Included
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