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Cautious Optimism is Warranted
By Ches Loughlin


The Magic of Newfoundland and Labrador

We love it!
By Stephen Brunt


Deadwater Brook

An Upper Humber tributary is now open.. again.

By Keith Piercey and John McCarthy


Salmon Fishing Therapy (SFT)

Salmon fishing by fly, Paul says TRY IT!
By Paul Michael White


Fishing in Land of Vikings

Find out what Norway’s Salmon fishery is like.
By Bill Bryden


The Master of Leadingham

Leadingham Shoals on the Lower Humber and it storied history

 is profiled in this article.
By Keith Piercey

On Barbless Hooks

Some good points on why we use barb less hooks in NL.
By Rick Devine

…. and much more!


Flyters Corner

Flies that will help you land the next big one. Tested and proven by our readers!


Letters to the Editor

Comments on our magazine, opinions on the state of Salmon stocks and conservation tactics, among other interesting letters.



The latest news on SAEN’s activities –  Log book prize winner, SAEN Renewal, and River Stewardship.



Snaps of new and old memories.

    GST/HST Included