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Things are looking up but we must be vigilent.
By Ches Loughlin


The Ches Loughlin Award – 2006


It’s a Matter of Timing

Should have been here yesterday… 
By “the other” Keith Piercey


Musquito Behaviour

Learn about how the Musquito and why they are so bothersome.
By Ian Martin PhD


Jungle Cock, King of the Feathers

An article for you flytyers.
By Keith Piercey/Steve Schweitzer


Lower Humber Whoppers – 2006 Season, a good one

Check out the heavy weigths that bent some rods in 2006.
By Keith Piercey

Hardy Hall of Fame

Photos and information on the latest Hardy Hall of Fame inductees.
By Ches Loughlin


Sea Lice: A Smolt’s Nightmare!

An informative article on sea lice and their effect on juvenile salmon.

…. and much more!


Flytyers Corner

Flies that will help you land the next big one. Tested and proven by our readers!

Letters to the Editor

Comments on our magazine, opinions on the state of Salmon stocks and conservation tactics, among other interesting letters.



The latest news on SAEN’s activities – The Guenter Behr Conservation Award, Photo contest, Log book prize winner, SAEN Renewal, and River Stewardship.

Book Review

The low down on a great book for your library.