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Retention and Release Limits - DFO

Newfoundland and Labrador scheduled Salmon Rivers

Season and Daily Bag Limit (Retained) Tag Use. (Bag Limits, Catch-and-Release)

Class 0:

  • No fish may be retained:

  • A valid inland fishery licence for salmon is required. (Two per day Catch-and-Release)

Class 2 Rivers:

  • Tag 1 is valid from 1 hour before sunrise June 1 until one hour after sunset on July 20. Subject to the in-season review, Tag 2 is valid one hour before sunrise on July 21 (Red tags only).

  • One fish possession limit.

  • Three per day Catch-and-Release

Non-scheduled Rivers:

  • Retention of salmon in non-scheduled waters is not permitted.

  • Catch and release limit of three fish per day.

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