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Recently approved sea lice control chemical bad news!

SPAWN is opposing all sea-based aquaculture of Salmonid species in the Province!

We have researched chemicals presently used to control sea lice, like “SLICE” and the recently approved poison “Salmosan”. Salmosan will be in use shortly by the aquaculture industry to control Sea lice infestation in the Bay D’Espoir area. We are very concerned regarding the long-term effects both economically and environmentally.

Salmosan will kill all anthropods and copepods in the vicinity of the application, including lobster and shrimp – not to mention other species which feed upon them, like Cod.

The effects of open-pen sea-based aquaculture on native species like wild Atlantic salmon is well documented internationally. Recently COSEWIC (the Committee On the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada) designated all wild salmon stocks in Southern Newfoundland as “Threatened” and identified salmon farming as a key threat.

SPAWN President, John McCarthy, stated – “The time has come for the Provincial Government to take a new direction regarding aquaculture. Moving toward a “Green Industry” using land-based operations that have recently been proven to be viable; This is the way of the future.” A land-based operation will have no negative effects upon regional employment and have no potential negative effects upon natural resource industries like the lobster, cod and shrimp fisheries.

Presently, to the best of our knowledge, environmental conditions limit aquaculture to just a few bays on the South Coast whereas land-based aquaculture would provide economic opportunity for any part of rural Newfoundland.

For more information: John McCarthy Ph: 640-2773 President SPAWN

Listen to our CBC interview with John McCarthy.

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