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A few of the photos from the galley above reference the Afton House Farm, Tompkins. This was the first fishing lodge in the province and it ran for around 70 years before it unfortunately burned down in the 1950’s. Sports primarily fished the Little Codroy River that was located just behind the house and many records were set over the years. The little river was well known for large Atlantic Salmon. History says that due to the farms longevity, location to the gulf ferry for American sports and reliability of putting fisherman over fish all the time, the lodge never had to advertise for each season and was always full. We, however have purchased a brochure advertising the farm. This is a true piece of Newfoundland angling history. For more information about the farm house you can search the MUN online archives, thumb through some old SPAWNER magazines and read Don Hustin’s Newfoundland fly fishing history book – Rivers of Dreams. Its available for purchase in our store.

Afton Farm House brochure

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