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Salmon Preservation Association for the Waters of Newfoundland (SPAWN) was formed in 1979 by a small core of individuals after anglers and counting sites observed a decline in the former superlative Newfoundland salmon stocks.

SPAWN is an affiliate of the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF).

In the past SPAWN has been responsible for the recommendation of the use of barbless hooks to reduce damage to juvenile and adult salmon.  SPAWN has also worked with government to help improve the numbers of migrating salmon. Poaching is still a major factor in stock reduction so we continue to lobby for improved and increased enforcement.  SPAWN fully supports catch and release as a management tool.  The group also has a history of employing university students and other personnel on assessment facilities.

SPAWN’s mandate is the conservation of Atlantic salmon stocks and the provision of equal access to all NL waters by all anglers.

Our board consists of Fourteen members elected at an annual general meeting. The current executive is comprised of:

President: John McCarthy

  Treasurer: John Cammie  
Board Members : Mitch Blanchard, Gene Coleman, Kastine Coleman,

Scott Grant, Colin Marsden, Graham Roome, Arthur Skinner      

Advisor : Don Ivany (ASF)

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